*The Extraordinary Knives (1986-2008)*

The knives here are ALL out-of-production models and cannot be found online anymore. They are called the ‘Extraordinary Knives’ because they were the ones Made in Seki, Japan and were of high quality yet value for money. Within each of the knife profiles you will find our reviews, picture galleries, forums links and country of origin.

More info will be added when circumstances permit.

Note: Knives are not arranged in any particular order. However interesting knives are found at the top and bottom of this page. (Knives in grey (no pics) have not been completed yet).



SOG S1 Bowie
S1 Bowie
S1 (Tigerstriped) sog-damascus-bowie-s1d-main_K.A.LarsonS1 (Damascus)
S1C Commemorative SOG Recon Bowie
Recon Bowie
SOG Recon Bowie (Damascus)
Recon Bowie (Damascus)
SOG SCUBA/DemoSCUBA/Demo SOG SCUBA/Demo (Damascus)SCUBA/Demo (Damascus) SOG Trident S2 BowieTrident S2
X-42 Recondo SOG X42 Recondo (Black TiNi)
X-42 Recondo (Black TiNi)
X-42 Field Knife
sog-tech-i-main-shiny-brass-with-sheath-authorunknownTech I
SOG Tech IITech II SOG Nite TechNite Tech
 Northwest Ranger NW Ranger (Cocobolo)  Outline
 Mini-Tsunami Tsunami  Government Agent 
SOG GovernmentGovernment  Government (Leather) SOG Recon Government
Recon Government
SOG Desert DaggerDesert Dagger  Desert Dagger (Leather)  
Mini-Pentagon SOG PentagonPentagon Pentagon (Cocobolo)
SOG Seal Pup (Japan)
Seal Pup (Japan)
sog-seal-knife-2000-outdoors-twitchii-tomcat3-micron-powerlock-MrSkillz_flickr Seal 2000  
SOG Tigershark (SK-5)
Tigershark (SK-5)
SOG Midnight Tigershark
Midnight Tigershark

SOG Tigershark S5 (powdered)

Tigershark S5 (Powdered)

SOG Tomcat
Tomcat (Original)
Tomcat (Cocobolo) Tomcat II 
Team Leader (folder)  Toolclip Vino