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12. SOG Midnight Tigershark [Want in MINT condition! Will pay $300-600] (Contact: Don W directly, dax0007@hotmail.com) 11. Seki SOG Knives, S1, S2 Trident, SCUBA/Demo, Recon [Want in ANY condition!] (Contact: Andrew directly) 10. SOG Midnight Tigershark [Want in ANY condition!e5D (Contact: Jeremy W directly) 9. SOG SCUBA/Demo [Want preferably mint, but will take one in good condition too] (Contact: Andreas S directly) 8. SOG Desert Dagger (OLD VERSION KYDEX SHEATH) [Want preferably mint, but will take one in good condition too] (Contact: Alex directly) 7. SOG Powdered ‘S5’ Tigershark [Want preferably mint, but will take one in good condition too] (buyer ref no: k***n) 6. SOG Seal Knife 2000 [Want mint/unused/unsharpened knife with sh%ath, Mint in Box] (Contact: Kevin Smith directly) 5. SOG Tigershark (in SK-5 steel) [Want preferably mint, but will take used too] (buyer ref no: g***5) 4. SOG Powdered ‘S5’ Tigershark [Want preferably mint, but will take used too] (Contact: Paul C directly) 3. SOG Nite Tech [Want mint/unused/unsharpened knife with sheath and preferably Mint in Box] (buyer ref no: x***i) 2. SOG Tigershark (in SK-5 steel) [Want mint/unused/unsharpened knife with sheath and preferably Mint in Box] (buyer ref no: x***i) 1. Any rare SOG knives [Want mint/unused/unsharpened knife with sheath and preferably Mint in Box] (buyer ref no: 3***z)


For sale:

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39. SOG Seal Pup (Japan)

For Sale: SOG Seal Pup (Japan) main - Peter W For Sale: SOG Seal Pup (Japan) sheath - Peter W For Sale: SOG Seal Pup (Japan) Seki - Peter W

Description: Kinryu SOG SEAL PUP model ST-10M/MFTB. Made for the Japanese domestic market. Brand new unused. All tags and packaging included. These were not available outside of Japan. These were produced possibly up to 2010 (info from Ken Hash who runs the Hittori collectors website) Info on this configuration Payment by PayPal.
Condition: Brand new unused
Price: Looking at $200 (negotiable)
Shipping: Free international shipping via EMS
Return Policy: -unstated-
Contact: Peter W., peter@iarchas.com directly for more pictures and info

37. SOG Pentagon (Hoffritz)


Description: Offered here is NO ordinary SOG Pentagon fighting knife, but an early and rare blend of history and craftsmanship! I have been fortunate to find those brands, makes and models that transcend the normal impulse to “buy an ordinary knife”, wanting to invest in the ones that were RARE or otherwise impossible to get in MINT condition as opposed to Used or good used. When I ran across this Pentagon, I knew it was special, although I am a huge SOG fan, I confess I know little regarding their older knives from collectables and lines that have long since passed. One thing is considering the age of this knife, if I am to believe the persons description who sold it to me originally, I would say it is a MIB or has all the elements from original everything to NEW everything. Here is the photo of the BOX and the end with the description. My description herein is based on the original description used from when I bought it. It has been kept in a safe until now for photos. This Knife has NOT been used, carried or sharpened and remains in perfect condition. This knife was made in Seki City, Japan, home of some of the world’s finest knife makers. Seki has an 800+ year tradition.

Upon opening the box, you see the contents are as follows; Pentagon Knife which The blade is 5”, while the knife measures 9-5/8” overall and has the “Kraton checkered handle that offers a firm, soft grip with excellent slip resistance. The handle is ribbed on the beautifully shaped and just has an exceptional feel all the way around with Cardboard cover, the thick leather sheath is of exceptional quality being double stitched all the way around and has the old SOG EDM markings like the blade. This is one outstanding knife, as are most of the early SOG models that are now classics. Being hand crafted with a versatility and beauty expressing how exceptionally well made these lines or knives were that made SOG grow SOG rapidly and become much desired among ALL professionals. Having made it to this point, one would say or expect ALL SOG Pentagons are created in such detail. But the best or most enticing fact is yet to be shown. Do you see it in the photo below? Not just the wicked factory edges.

The Blade clearly displays the “HOFFRITZ” name which many would already know and to my understanding is extremely rare. I was told that the SOG Pentagon was one of their early models and the 14th model they produced, designated part number “S14” knife all the way around and it proudly displays that certain “all business” look. It projects an aggressive, but refined image as well. This is a very early example that was made in Seki City, Japan long before production was moved in 1990 and is one of the few double-edged knives that SOG made. This example was part of a very short and very scarce as run since there was a very short overlap from the time SOG was started and the time Hoffritz was defunct. The SOG Tomcat model was Blade Magazine’s knife of the year in 1988. By the late 1980’s Hoffritz had been reduced to just a bankruptcy situation that also had a large impact on what they could order from suppliers as I was told. Again, this is what I was told when I picked this up for my collection.

I believe it is a special edition or knife run as a result of the two (2) distinct markings on each side of this blade. Without a doubt this knife was crafted or made in Seki City, Japan where the tradition for centuries has been to make the world’s finest blades. Not knowing all the details on the manufacturing process, I am told that early made SOGs were hand ground and hand honed. The thick blade was precisely ground and polished to a bright satin finish and both edges are exceptionally sharp as well. These images now show this Clean and sharp line on ALL edges, proving they don’t make them like this with ALL of these elements. It is OLD, but looks NEW. It was made by rigid and defined standards in a place which is legendary in making knives, and displays the mark of “HOFFRITZ” as part of its legacy. So I have said all that I know, and want this knife to be a part of another collector’s collection of SOG’s, and not one who would not appreciate or consider it as a newer SOG Pentagon. I am selling this and thus have sold almost all from my years of collecting. The Price is $450.00 plus shipping and insurance. The price is negotiable and I am reasonable. I will not sell this internationally, and you must be of both legal age and abide by your state and all federal regulations to buy. ALL Sales are final, so examine these photos and look around at other rare Pentagon’s for inspiration. While I am not an expert, I would have to say these details and descriptions are accurate. My email if interested is rctcob@me.com. Thanks.
Condition: -see above-
Price: Looking at $450 (negotiable).
Shipping: US only, included in sale price.
Return Policy: -unstated-
Contact: Robert C.,  rctcob@me.com directly for more pictures and info


36. SOG Midnight Tigershark

Description:  Absolutely mint midnight tiger for sale no blemishes or scratches, factory edge and sheath never sharpened.
Condition: -see above-
Price: Looking at $700.
Shipping: US only
Return Policy: -unstated-
Contact: Nicholas D.,  nicholas.docyk@yahoo.com directly for more pictures and info


35. SOG SCUBA/Demo (Damascus)

Description:  Collectible condition
Condition: Like New
Price: Looking at $3000.
Shipping: UPS with insurance
Return Policy: -unstated-
Contact: Jaroslaw W.,  jarosze1@op.pl directly for more pictures and info


34. SOG Outline & Vino

Description:  I am offering NIB # S090-K SOG Outline Neck/Boot knife for $75.00 w/free shipping anywhere in the C.U.S.  It has never been used or sharpened!  Most of you have probably never seen or heard of this SOG item from the ’80’s (I think) and it will, no doubt be a long while before you see another!! I must have dropped a couple of drops of coffee on the box but otherwise it is clean.The SOG VINO-the name says it all! How can any collection be complete without the SOG VINO? Most of you probably didn’t know it existed.I think that because I don’t think there are many that do exist! The French version is offered every day at $200.00 and up and they are not made the “SOG way” with quality material and care. I believe $50.00 is fair and I will pay freight anywhere in the US. It is NIB and never used or sharpened in any way. As you can see, the box is not a typical SOG box, so get the VINO while you can…. YOU may never see another!   VINO HAS BEEN SOLD
Condition: New in Box & New
Price: Looking at $75 & $50.
Shipping: FREE, shipped to CONUS.
Return Policy: -unstated-
Contact: Len C.unmarkets@sbcglobal.net directly for more pictures and info


32. SOG Tsunami (S43)

Description: I have a very rare tsunami in like new condition with a satin finish.
Condition: New
Price: Looking at $300.
Shipping: $15 shipped via Priority mail to CONUS.
Return Policy: Buyer pays return shipping, must in in same condition that it is sent in.
Contact: Joe B.amsterdamjoe420@gmail.com directly for more pictures and info


31. SOG Government (S21)

Description: SOG government in incredible condition, made in Seki, Japan, no box or papers, it is the knife and sheath only. The knife has no signs of use, the edge, handle and grip cap are perfect. there are a couple of light scuffs near the tip of the blade on both sides that you have to catch the light just right to see. If it were not for this I would claim it was new. I have had it 10 years, and have never used it. It does not appear to have been sharpened, the edge may have been professionaly polished with a very fine stone, as the edge is very smooth under a 10X magnifier. The sheath looks brand new as does the knife. This is a fine, somewhat rare blade and a great addition to any collection. I have more pics available as needed
Condition: As above

Price: Looking at $250.
Shipping: $20 shipped and insured to CONUS.
Return Policy: -unspecified-
Contact: Terry G.tallterry2009@hotmail.com directly for more pictures and info


30. SOG S1 Bowie (Serialised), Team Leader (Folder) & Tomcat II

Description: Early S1 Bowie, Ser.# 0151, Very good to excellent condition, small scratch in bluing, no box, sheath with stone. Early, I believe they copied the SERE name of Al Mar type knives, no sheath, one or two minor scratches in blue of blade. Early Tomcat (?) some pocket scratches to handle area.
I will be taking these to a gun show in Orange County, Ca. on 8-17-2013
Condition: As above
Price: S1 Bowie – $600, Team Leader – $600, Tomcat – $250. Will consider reasonable offers.
Shipping: Actual shipping costs from Texas
Return Policy: No Returns, ask all questions by email, can provide more pictures
Contact: Ron B.ronbwolf@sbcglobal.net directly for more pictures and info


29. SOG Recon Government (S21)

Description: I’am selling this Recon Government, which i bought in Switzerland and never used
Condition: unused, never sharpened, but has rust stains on the blank part of the blade, which i tried to remove, probably not in a vary expert way, besides that it’s in very good condition, no scratches etc., with sheet, no box
Price: Looking at around $300
Shipping: not included, ask me, and i will check how much the shipping from Switzerland to your location will cost
Return Policy: No Returns
Contact: Matthewcorto@jesus.ch directly for more pictures and info


24. SOG Tigershark Powdered (S5)

Description: Never used SOG Tigershark. This is the powdered AUS 6 version. Includes Kydex sheath. Has minor wear from sheath.
Condition: No box, no use, minor blemishes to finish. Very good to excellent condition
Price: Looking at around $200, negotiable
Shipping: CONUS only, add $10 for shipping.
Return Policy: None.
Contact: Joe (J1542L@aol.com) directly for more pics and info


23. SOG X-42 Recondo (Black TiNi)


Description: I am selling my SOG X-42 Recondo. It is one of the original Made in USA X-42’s with the BG-42 Rc60 steel blade with Black FiNi finish. The knife is sharpened though it has never been carried or used. It is in the original box that it came in and both the knife and the sheath are without blemish. I am asking for $250.00 and will pay for shipping within the USA.
Condition: New/Mint in Box
Price: Looking at around $250.
Shipping: Free in US via USPS – International negotiable.
Return Policy: 7 days, buyer ays return shipping. Subject to inspection.
Contact: Eddie C. (eddiec@myostomates.org) directly for more pics and info.


21. SOG Sidewinder, Trident S2 Bowie, Tomcat, Keychain knife, Government, Vision


Description: 1 SOG Tomcat(SEKI),new/not used/not sharpened/with new sheet, $200, no box 1 SOG Trident(SEKI),new/not used/not sharpened/with new sheet, $250, no box 1 SOG Side Winder(SEKI),new/not used/not sharpened/little usedlike on the outside, $150, no box 1 SOG Goverment(SEKI),new/not used/not sharpened/new sheet, $250, no box 1 SOG Vision(SEKI),new/not used/not sharpened,$200, no box 1 SOG Mini keychain(SEKI),new/not used/not sharpened/ $30, no box Condition: -See above-
Price: Looking at around -see above-.
Shipping: $10 each
Return Policy: Within 14 days
Contact: CJ Baars (cjbaars1@kpnplanet.nl) directly for more pics and info.


20. SOG Tomcat (Original)


Description: I have a SOG Tomcat for sale. This is the first folding knife offered by SOG, and won “Knife of the year” in 1988, the year I bought it. This knife has been only lightly used and carried. There are no visual or operational defects, it is in excellent shape. I am a professional knifemaker, and have only lightly sharpened this knife by touching it up on a ceramic rod. It really hasn’t needed to be sharpened. I do not have the original box or sheath. Locking mechanism is perfect and solid, the best I have ever seen on a folding knife. There is absolutely no play in the joint. The rubber scales show almost no wear.
Condition: Lightly used and carried
Price: Looking at around $200.
Shipping: $10
Return Policy: No Returns
Contact: Mark R. (mark.russon@gmail.com) directly for more pics and info.


19. SOG Tsunami

Description: The knife is in Hungary, delivery time is about 2 weeks. Good condition, I made a hole on the sheath for the lanyard.
Condition: cc. 10 years old/never used but the edge reshaped for duplex edge (instead of original one-sided)
Price: Looking at around $300 + shipping (cc. $20).
Shipping: International.
Return Policy: No Returns
Contact: Jozsef Fink (profisale@gmail.com) directly for more pics and info.


11. SOG Trident S2 Bowie

Description: Mint condition, never used just sat in a footlocker for 15 years
Condition: Mint
Price: Looking at around $200
Shipping: US, via US mail
Return Policy: -Not Stated-
Contact: Daniel Bakker(bakkerbake@yahoo.com) directly for more pics and info.





————–Archived ‘For Sale’ listings below—————

38N. SOG Recon Bowie               (SOLD!)


Description: Brand New in box, never sharpened, never used, brass is slightly dulled (see pictures) due to age. Sheath also has some slight signs of wear (on inside of snap) from removing and inserting knife, but otherwise it has been kept in a sock in the original box and has only been handled occasionally
Condition: -see above-
Price: Looking at $-SOLD-
Shipping: US only – $10.00 additional
Return Policy: No return, please ask questions or request detailed pictures and info before purchasing
Contact: Noel D. directly for more pictures and info.


22. SOG Power Plier (Gold TiNi)                (SOLD!) 

Description: A SOG full size power plier multi-tool with 12 built in tools. As you can see in the picture, it is coated in gold Titanium Nitride for extreme hardness and durability and jewelry “like” looks! SOG told me last week that they haven’t made these in “quite a few years!” I could write a book about the quality of SOG multi-tools and their use of compound leverage and their ability to do things other’s can’t and wouldn’t even try! It’s enough to simply say, “SOG Quality” and the gold Ti Ni————It’s enough to take your breath away! Did I hear someone say, “Rich Looking?” This is simply “The BEST! -And a leather sheath as! The gold TI NI commanded a pretty heavy premium –I think around $125 is reasonable but I will be negotiable. I will also include a SOG e-clip knife FREE with each order! E-clips are not collectable, but they are SOG and a great carrying knife. Condition: -See above-
Price: Looking at around $-SOLD- (negotiable), will take gold/silver coins.
Shipping: Will ship overseas
Return Policy: -Not specified-
Contact: Len C. directly for more pics and info.


35. SOG Seal 2000 knife & Trident                (SOLD!) 

Description:  Selling my Seal 2k 7in blade (details on this site), this knife comes with the kydex sheath, both are in beautiful condition, would say 9 out of 10 went on my last deployment but never left my seabag, no box.  Reluctantly selling my beautiful sog trident seki Japan, (see specs on this site) knife in excellent condition, the sheath is an earlier model with (Edm. Wa.) mark on the leather. Looking at (xxx), shipping included contact me direct by email, thanks
Condition: New in Box & New
Price: Looking at $-SOLD- each
Shipping: FREE, shipped to CONUS.
Return Policy: -unstated-
Contact: Steve B. directly for more pictures and info


33. 2X SOG Tigershark – Powdercoated (S5)                (SOLD!) 

Description: I have two SOG S-5 Tiger sharks for sale. One is New in the box only opened for inspection. Includes the original leather case. I am asking $- for this knife. I accept pay pay. Shipping is about 13.95 and I also require insurance which will be another 2.00. If anyone is interested in this knife please contact me at the email address listed above. Pictures are attached. The second knife is new, never used or sharpened but does not have a box. This knife also comes with the original leather sheath. I am asking $-. plus shipping $13.95 and insurance of $2.00 for this knife. I take paypal for this knife as well for payment. Thank You Kim
Condition: New in Box & New
Price: Looking at $-SOLD-$-SOLD-.
Shipping: $13.95 +$2 (insurance) shipped to CONUS.
Return Policy: -unstated-
Contact: Kimberly L. directly for more pictures and info


25. SOG Desert Dagger (S25)                (SOLD!)

Description: I am selling a SOG Desert Dagger that was purchased brand new in 2003. It has never been used or sharpened.
Condition: New/Near Mint. From http://www.sogknivescollectors.com, “I would classify your SOG Desert Dagger as “near mint” as the only defects I can see are the small scratches on the blade and on the butt. The blade edge looks very good. The sheath is also in good condition. Most collectors would care mostly about the knife itself and yours is in very good condition given its age. The Desert Dagger is quite a collectible knife and it can’t be found for sale online (ebay or otherwise) very often. It is also one of the more collectible Seki Japan SOG knives. Taking into account all these, I would estimate the Desert Dagger’s value at $-, with a range from $- to $-.”
Price: $-SOLD-, firm.
Shipping: $20 to the US only. Free delivery if buyer is within the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex (cash sale only).
Return Policy: No returns.
Contact: Cullen L. directly for more pics and info


28. SOG S1 Bowie                 (SOLD!)

Description: Sheath is missing items from the pocket (sharpening stone, etc.). Rear of sheath has JY scratched on it in two places. Some wear on the sheath edges.Knife on one side has “SOG Specialty Knifes.” Other side shows “Seki-Japan”, MACVSOG logo, and “VIETNAM 5th SPECIAL FORCES GROUP” – You can’t see if very well in the pictures.
Condition: Knife has not been used or sharpened. No blemishes. Box is not available.
Price: $-SOLD-, negotiable.
Shipping: (Not included, ask buyer for details)
Return Policy: No returns.
Contact: Jim Y. directly for more pics and info (Archived 30th Apr 2013)


27. SOG Desert Dagger (S25)                 (WITHDRAWN)

Description: This knife has been in my collection for years. It is unused with the factory edge. It has not been sharpened. It is in excellent condition including the Kydex sheath. (no box). There are a few light scratches on the blade and pommel. I will ship USPS priority mail, US only.  No returns. Shipping will be $15.00. Payment in the form of postal money order, or similar accepted (paypal also accepted). Email with any questions or if you would like additional photo’s.
Condition: Unused with light scratches
Price: $-WITHDRAWN- (or best offer)
Shipping: $15, US only via USPS Priority.
Return Policy: -unstated-
Contact: Dan E. directly for more pics and info


26. SOG Tigershark (SK-5)                (SOLD!)

Description: Great site. Want to sell and original SK5 Tigershark. Box but no papers. I bought it in 1987/88 xmas time. Sheath and blade marked SM CA. Sheath is correct curved tip and not squared off. Box has a few tears on some flaps. Posted it on craigs and armslist..search denver if you want to see it.
Condition: The Tigershark is essentially new….never cut a thing with it.It has moved around with me over the years and does not have the cardboard sheath or plastic. But the pics show it well. Hope it finds a good home.
Price: $-SOLD-
Shipping: US only, free/included  with USPS insured/ signature required to folks 18 or over.
Return Policy: No returns
Contact: Scott C. (snaphaunce@yahoo.com) directly for more pics and info


12. SOG Recon Government                (SOLD!)


Description: I am selling my SOG recon government knife. The knife is in new condition but does not have a box. The blade has no scratches and has never been sharpened. It comes with a condura sheath which is also in mint condition. I am selling this knife for xxx.00 dollars with buyer paying shipping. My payment method is paypal. I have a 7 day return policy with buyer paying return shipping. You can contact me Jim H. at (see below). I am enclosing picures to show knife and sheath.
Condition: New, no box
Price: Looking at around $-SOLD-, excluding shipping.
Shipping: -Not stated-
Return Policy: 7 days return, buyer pays return shiping
Contact: Jim H. directly for more pics and info.


24. SOG Desert Dagger  (WITHDRAWN)
Description: SOG Desert Dagger (S25). Never used, never sharpened. Stored in sheath (kydex, later version) for a few years, displayed for a few. There are a few micro scratches from moving in and out of sheath. On the base of the ricasso on the “Seki Japan” side there is one tiny oxidation spot, see photo. The sheath was stored in an uneven position for a while and took a slight skew along its long axis at the tip, see photo. I haven’t done anything to attend these “blemishes”, will leave it to new owner. All should be fixable, outstanding condition. No box. Price $US Shipping to continental US is $20US, signed for with tracking. But will ship almost anywhere, shipping fees will be accordingly. Buyer assumes all legal responsibilities/customs etc. Payment via Paypal only. No returns.
Condition: New/Mint in Box
Price: Looking at around $-SOLD.
Shipping: $20 for US, will ship almost anywhere. Ships from Sweden.
Return Policy: No returns.
Contact: Mathias W. directly for more pics and info


17. SOG Sidewinder II              (SOLD!)
Description: Here’s another Mint condition knife of mine for sale! The Sogwinder II. I’ve been the sole owner of this knife since it came out! The knife & sheath are in Mint cond. and the box is in excellent + cond. The blade s 3 11/16″ long & the closed length is 4 5/8″ long. Front & rear bolsters are S.S. w/no scratches or nicks. The scales are Kraton rubber in Mint cond. The blade is Mint w/ no scratches, rust, nicks, nor has it been sharpened! It has a double brass thumbstud. The square SOG logo Specialty Knives stamped in blade. Seki-Japan stamped on back tang. The blade locks open like a vault! The knife & sheath have never been carried used nor sharpened! The Cordura sheath is unused & Mint! The registration card is included. This is a great solid knife from the early years of SOG! It Ships to Continental U.S. Fee-$15.00/Ins. Price-$.00-Paypal No Returns Any questions gladly answered with quick reply!
Condition: Mint, with box, accessories & papers.
Price: Looking at around $-SOLD-.
Shipping: Continental U.S., $15 insured.
Return Policy: No Returns
Contact: Michael M. directly for more pics and info. (Archived 8th Jan 2012)